Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mid-Summer: Corvallis, Seattle, and Manzanita

Hello! Arlo has been hounding me to write about the rest of our summer (he's still an avid blog reader--Hi, Arlo!), and I finally have a little time to do it.

I last wrote in mid-July, soon after we'd gotten back from our first California visit of the summer. A few days later, my sister (who lives in Seattle) and I headed down on the Amtrak bus to my Auntie Nance's house in Corvallis for a quick overnight visit with my mom and aunts. The Three Older Girls, as they like to be called, get together once a year or so, and it was a great honor for those of us in the next generation to be invited to join for part of it. Auntie Nance fed us well, and we got to walk around a beautiful nursery and see her latest quilts and catch up with each other.


The next day, my mom and I took the bus back up to Portland, and then she stayed with the boys for a few days while Patrick and I took the train up to Seattle for a mini-getaway. We rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island (this was a very multimodal couple of days, though no bikes were involved, sadly) and spent a few hours wandering around and eating good things. This was my first time there; Patrick and the boys had been there before on bike camping trips with Seattle friends. We took the ferry back to Seattle that afternoon and stayed in Belltown overnight. We saw Spiderman: Homecoming and ate dinner at Tavolata for the third time (I think). Maybe on our next Seattle trip we'll eat somewhere new.

Bainbridge Island Cookies
Kid-Free Weekend

A week later, we were off again on a short family trip to the Oregon coast (trying to fill our summer time with activities to avoid bored kids squabbling at home!). This was a lot like the car-free trip we took last year, but we skipped the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the overnight in Tillamook and went straight to Manzanita after a brief layover in Tillamook. The Wave bus worked out very well again for getting us from Portland to Manzanita.

We hung out at our rental house, watched the Food Network (Arlo's favorite vacation activity), ate pizza, and walked on the beach. Arlo had fun taking pictures with my phone, and Felix got super sandy rolling down sand dunes (cringe--messy kids are not my strong point). Luckily, Patrick was cool with bathing sandy kids multiple times per day, so everybody was happy.

Manzanita Beach
Sandy Felix, Cringing Mama
Shoes, by Arlo

On the way home from Manzanita, we had a couple-hour layover in Tillamook again, and we did the same things we did last year: lunch at the Dutch Mill and then taxidermy fun at the Pioneer Museum (Felix is still very interested in dead animals and skeletons).


Back in Portland, we had a few weeks of summer activities (including building a giant fort/space station out of the cardboard boxes we'd been saving in the basement). Felix finished preschool (though he'll probably return this summer like Arlo has done for the past few years).

Spaaace Caaaat
Last Day of Preschool for Felix

And then it was time for our big end-of-summer California train trip!

(To be continued...)