Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Break, by Arlo

A guest post from Arlo:

On spring break we went to tacoma, washington and we also went bike camping at L. L. ''stub'' stewart in Oregon. When we went to tacoma, we went to the car museum, I really liked all the cars, my favorite was the funny car. At the hotel I got to watch Insane pools off the deep end.

Funny Car: Arlos Favorite

Now to the camping part, when we where going to the camp site Kelly got a flat tire. when she changed her tire she put the same tube as she took off back on and thought that it was the new tube. 1/8 of a mile later she had to change her tire again because then she found out that she put the wrong tube on like I already told you. A few miles later we got off our bikes at the trestle and I went 1/2 a mile down to take pictures and on the way back up I took a picture of some horse poop. The End

[Ed.: Sorry, I refuse to post a picture of poop on my blog. You'll have to use your imagination.]