Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kitchen Remodel, 8 Weeks In

Our kitchen is halfway through painting--last week, the painters primed and sanded, and I think they'll actually get to the fun stuff next week. Right now, it's very white. It'll still be pretty white when they're done painting, but a little creamier, with light gray walls above the beadboard.

Primed Kitchen
Primed Kitchen
Primed Kitchen

The powder room next to the kitchen is white too. This is going to be a fun before and after--I picked a dark blue/gray for the powder room walls and ceiling (inspiration here). I'm a little nervous about going so dark, but it's just paint. We can always change it if it's too oppressive.

Primed Powder Room

The beadboard backsplash you see in the kitchen pictures is new since my last post. To save money, we ended up using MDF sheets from Mr. Plywood, instead of using individual boards. It would have been nice to use real boards, to be more historically accurate, but it would have cost a lot more. The spacing between the lines is pretty similar to the v-groove board width in the powder room (which is original to the house), and I think it'll look fine once everything's put together.

Our soapstone countertops were installed the week before last, and they're beautiful, but I forgot to take pictures before they got covered with paper. You'll be able to see them in a few more weeks.

Dining Room

The painters needed space to lay out all of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts during painting, so they took over most of our dining room. Our temporary kitchen and dining area are now squished into the space between the dining room and living room. It's a good thing our dining room table folds in half (a holdover from my grad school studio-living days).

Temporary Kitchen v. 2

There's hardly room to turn around in there, much less prepare a real meal. It's driving me a little crazy. I'm glad we only have to put up with these cramped quarters for another week. Thing will feel positively palatial when we get our dining room back!