Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kitchen Drawings

I realized that I never posted the drawings for our new kitchen. Our designer/architect, Kevin Fischer (of Alice Design) kindly let me share them here. I think they're so great--looking at them reminds me that there's a good reason that we're going kitchen-less for 10 weeks.

There have been some modifications to the plans since these drawings were made, but they'll give you a good idea of what the finished room will look like.

First, the floor plan. You can see that our old side door (on the south wall) is being removed and replaced with a window, and there will be a new door/porch on the east side of the house. This was done to make more counter space, but it also locates the side door in the middle of the backyard, which is more convenient than exiting on the south side of the house. It's a good thing we haven't done much work on our backyard yet, because we're planning on shuffling some things around to make better use of the new door location.

Floor Plan

Here are the elevations, starting with the east wall, which is what you see when you walk into the kitchen from the front entry.

Elevation - Kitchen East

On the left side, there's a small hallway leading to the powder room (on the right) and the new exterior door.

Elevation - Hall South

The south wall will house our sink and new dishwasher! We haven't ever lived together in a place with a dishwasher (as far as I can recall), so it's pretty exciting.

Elevation - Kitchen South

And on the west wall, Kevin was able to squeeze in a little area for people to sit and chat, which was one of our main goals for the new kitchen (my dream kitchen would be open to the dining/living room, but that's not how our house was designed, so this is what we did instead).

Elevation - Kitchen West

The north wall will have a coffee/toast area meant to look like a freestanding piece of furniture, a pull-out pantry, and our fridge (we're keeping all of our appliances because they're only a few years old and working just fine).

Elevation - Kitchen North