Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Four Years Old

The last time I wrote a substantial post, Arlo was just about to turn four. This was the first birthday party where he got to choose friends to invite, and it was fun and not too crazy. He once again requested a rainbow cake, and this time I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting with a rainbow of fruit (raspberries, strawberries, mango, grapes, blueberries, blackberries). This was the most excited I have ever seen Arlo about something I've baked. It tasted much better than the cake I made with rainbow dye for his third birthday.

Rainbow Cake
Birthday Boy

I love this picture of Felix trying to snatch a piece of fruit while we're all distracted:

Observe Small Fruit Thief in Lower Right Corner of Frame

I've read in various places that four years old is easier than three, and I haven't observed any noticeable improvement yet, but there's still time. Arlo and Felix seem to be getting along better than they were a month ago (less yelling). They still fight, but I've noticed them playing nicely together more often than they used to.

Four Years Old
Brothers in the Kitchen

Thanks to preschool, Arlo is learning and doing all sorts of fun things--he made a macaroni necklace last week (he didn't want it, so I snapped it up--I love it!), and look--he can draw people!

Arlo Art

Felix continues to be a total two-year-old. It's easier to deal with his antics than with Arlo's, because I know Felix isn't acting maliciously (yet). I keep thinking that when Arlo was this age, we had a 2-month-old baby, and how did we handle both of them? I think Arlo must have been a much more calm and compliant two-year-old. Lucky us!

Twenty-Five Months Old

Although the kitchen remodel is keeping us close to home this summer, we got to spend a few days on the Oregon Coast (Manzanita) at the end of June, camping at night and spending our days with Patrick's Aunt Lorraine and her kids and grandkids in their rented beach house. Fun!

Hot Cocoa on the Beach
Arlo At The Helm

Felix started out the trip excited about the ocean, but by the end he'd decided it terrified him, and he refused to go visit it. Oh well, at least he got to dip his feet in it before the terror took hold of him.

Ocean Coming