Sunday, May 4, 2014


Sad things:

  • My grandma (mom's mom) passed away yesterday. She was over 90 and hadn't been doing well for the past five years or so, so it wasn't a surprise, but it's still sad. I'm glad we got to see her semi-regularly over the past few years, since she lived with my mom and Alan. We'll miss you, Grandma Jeannie!

    Grandma and Mom

  • Patches has been missing for a day. With the nice weather, she has been spending a lot of time outdoors, and she didn't show up for breakfast this morning, which is unusual. I put up signs and posted 'lost cat' listings online, and we're hoping she'll turn up soon. Come home, Patches!


Happy things:

  • Jon, Katie and Greta visited us this weekend. The kids really enjoyed playing with each other--so fun to watch!

  • This month, we'll get to see all grandparents (and a couple aunts), and we'll be celebrating three birthdays. We start with my birthday, tomorrow. I'm planning on celebrating by getting a sundae at Salt and Straw. It has been far too long since I've eaten hot fudge sauce! And for Felix's birthday (and Arlo's, if he wants), I'm going to make Mary Ann's banana cake! One of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Sub Rosa, closed about a month ago (another sad thing), but the owner (Mary Ann) was kind enough to share her banana cake recipe with me. Yum!

    SubRosa Star