Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Arlo's Vehicle Quilt

Yay, I finished Arlo's vehicle quilt! This is the biggest quilt I've made so far (which isn't saying much, as it's only 36x45"--toddler-bed sized). It's improvisationally pieced and based closely on this quilt and its predecessor, with a few Portlandy additions. My favorite part of the design is that you use circles of black-and-white polka dot fabric and Steam-a-Seam to make the little wheels for the vehicles. So clever!

Arlos Vehicle Quilt: Front

If Arlo had his way, it would have been all motorized vehicles, but I added in some trees, our house, and two of our bikes (Arlo's balance bike and our Edgerunner) to make it a little more personalized.

Arlos Vehicle Quilt: Back

The back is pieced from leftover solids and some scraps from my collection, and it has a road right in the middle, for toy vehicles (another idea taken from Alex--thank you!). It's bound mainly in the Kellie Wulfsohn Peak Hour classifieds fabric, which Arlo chose himself at Cool Cottons. I also sewed him a matching classifieds pillowcase. Once he can read, it will keep him busy for hours!

Arlo and His Quilt

He seems really happy with his quilt, and I like how it turned out. The bike blocks took some time to piece (and are pretty wonky looking close up), but everything else went together pretty easily once I got the hang of improv piecing. The actual quilting step was my least favorite step--I just don't have the right tools for it. Maybe next time I'll pay someone else to do the quilting. But I loved binding it--I find it so relaxing to sit and sew binding on a quilt.