Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fabric Headbands

A while back, I bought a cute fabric headband at Union Rose (you can see it here and here). I love it, because it keeps my hair out of my face but doesn't give me a headache like normal headbands. Today I used the headband as a pattern and made myself four more. I'm hoping they'll help me look more pulled together after the baby comes and I haven't washed my hair for days.

Fabric Headbands

It's a really easy sewing project, so I thought I'd share the steps with you (and if you find my instructions confusing, there are plenty of other tutorials online--for instance, this one and this one).

1. You need a 10" piece of elastic (I used pretty fold-over elastic from Bolt) and enough fabric to give two 3.25" x 12.5" pieces. Cut two blunt-ended ovals, each measuring about 12.5 inches long, 3.25 inches wide in the middle, and 1.25 inches wide at the ends. I traced my existing headband and added 1/4" seam allowances to get my pattern.

Headband Materials and Pattern

2. Fold over and iron 1/4 inch of fabric on one end of each oval, and then sandwich the ovals right sides together with the elastic in between. One end of the elastic should be even with the non-ironed ends of the ovals, and the other end of the elastic should be floating freely somewhere in the middle of the fabric sandwich.

Headband Sandwich

3. Pin together and stitch around (using 1/4 inch seam allowances), leaving the ironed-down edges open. I pinned the loose end of the elastic to the middle of the fabric so that it wouldn't accidentally get caught in the seams.

Headband Sides Stitched Together

4. Remove pins and turn right side out. Flatten, pin around the edges, and iron.

Pinned and Pressed Headband

5. Tuck the loose end of the elastic into the open end of the headband by about 1/2 inch, and pin in place.

Headband Ready for Topstitching

6. Topstitch all the way around (I did this by moving my needle to the right and using the edge of my presser foot as a guide). Backstitch over the pinned elastic to make sure it's well secured.

Completed Headband

Voila--you have a headband!

Completed Headband